The Danbury (CT) Police Department is one of The Hawley Companies, most featured projects.  They may have been waiting 30+ years to get a new home, but when they did, they got a state-of-the-art beauty that will start  Police Chiefs from any state in the Union yearning for a facility like Danbury’s!  The new $37 million Danbury Police Headquarters building will be on the “Wish List” of more than one municipality, when word gets around about the contents, space and communications capabilities Danbury now enjoys.

Hawley Construction Corp. of Danbury is proud to have been the Construction Manager for this striking new building.  Our experienced team of building professionals worked in close coordination with Mayor Mark Boughton, City Engineer Farid Khouri, the architect, police officials and Antonio Iadarola, Director of Public Works, to oversee the General Contractor to make sure that the building was built to agreed upon plans and specifications.  Now that the building is completed and the Police settled in, Charles Van Zanten, our Executive Vice President, reports that city officials are happy that the project was completed ahead of schedule and within all budgets.

Located on East Franklin and Main Streets, the 75,000 sq. ft., three-story, headquarters building is home to 200 police officers, plus 30 civilian employees. Jacunski Humes, Architects, LLC, under the direction of Brian Humes, Partner-in-Charge, designed the building in a distinctive turn-of-the-century Victorian style to create not only an eye-catching structure, but one that exudes permanency and authority.  However, the striking classic design is the only 1900’s thing about this Police Headquarters……the interior is strictly 21st century!

A sophisticated dispatch-communications center surrounded by a battery of computer and communications equipment, plus an office devoted to Police pursuing computer crimes…..24 prison cells with multiple Interview rooms….its own indoor Firing Range, Armory and Ready Room…..kitchen facilities…..and a CSI section at the end of one floor that contains a CSI Laboratory, Vehicle and Processing storage, a Squad Room and a large CSI storage area, are only some of the building’s most modern features.


According to our President, Gary Hawley, the building also has three training classrooms, a Physical Training Center to help police officers stay in shape, and many individual offices and storage areas for such specialized functions as the Traffic Division, Homeland Security, Narcotics teams, Honor Guard, Community Affairs police business, and even a Crime Victims Advocates office, to name a few.

When your city or town needs a hallmark municipal building of any kind, think of Hawley right from the start.   For more information, or if you happen to need a new Police Headquarters and would like to see the Danbury Police Headquarters  building firsthand,  please call Charles Van Zanten at (203) 748-8709, and we’d be happy to see about arranging a tour.