Additions and Renovations

BridgesRenovNowhere is a contractor’s imagination tested to a higher degree, than on a major addition or renovation project. No matter how good or current ‘as-built’ plans may be, no one really knows what they are dealing with in an existing building until walls, floors, or ceilings are opened. Then, plumbing lines aren’t where they are supposed to be, or structural beams are missing, and now the search for economical solutions to these surprises begins.

Endo25GrmtwnRdINTHawley Construction has the kind of superintendents and subcontractors who can deal effectively, and economically with these conditions and work through any surprises during a renovation.

Equally important is Hawley’s ability to handle the 24/7 operating needs of existing buildings that function around the clock, like hospitals, major retailers, and restaurants. Hawley knows and understands the importance of maintaining a dust-free, low noise, and minimum-interruption environment, so daily operations can still function during expansion and renovation.

WalnutHillCh1Hawley manages the construction team and harmoniously coordinates with the owner, architect, engineer, and specialty subcontractors. With Hawley on the job, everybody is ready to handle the unexpected!