Over 50 years ago, Ervie S. Hawley, Jr. had a vision for the growth of tomorrow that Connecticut would experience. He committed his talents, work, resources, to providing the housing, commercial offices, retail stores and medical facilities that people in the Connecticut area would need to make that vision come true, especially in Danbury.

Ervie Hawley’s home building and real estate enterprises have become the cornerstone of what is known today as The Hawley Companies: A diverse, four-part real estate development organization that can meet any building owner’s most demanding needs, regardless of building type.

Today, The Hawley Companies have a vision: To save you time and money. This is the best way to grow your business, and theirs!

Each of the Four Hawley Entities Can Assure You That You Will Receive the Highest Level of Professionalism:

HAWLEY CONSTRUCTION 70% of the firm’s construction work is done for other owners.

HAWLEY REALTY can meet your needs for retail, commercial, institutional, or medical space, with immediate availability in any of the firm’s 19 existing properties.

HAWLEY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT currently performs real estate management services for over 1 million sq. ft. of commercial space, mostly for Hawley properties, but also manages properties for other owners.

HAWLEY SWEEPING takes care of all asphalt repairs, snow removal, sweeping, and other housekeeping chores that are necessary in keeping your business and/or building running smoothly.